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English Courses

RDLC’s partner school in Bournemouth, accredited by the British Council and a part of English UK, implements strategies to guarantee individualized care for students.

Their objective is to offer tailored language education and assistance essential for achieving swift advancement and acquiring proficient fluency and accuracy in English.

Other Languages

Red Dragon Languages offers a variety of language courses in the UK and overseas, focusing on countries where the languages are spoken. Clients can choose from German courses in Germany, Italian classes in Italy, or explore options in less conventional locations. For example, we arranged an Italian course for a Japanese client in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish in Spain surrounded by locals. Dragon Read has affiliated schools in Madrid, San Sebastian, Malaga, Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, Salamanca, Alcala de Henares. Additionally, they offer programs in Quito (Ecuador), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), and Cuernavaca (Mexico).

University Courses

Red Dragon is pleased to provide a University Placement Service, where our seasoned counseling team guides students through the college or university application process. We assist in researching suitable courses, understanding application protocols, completing forms, and preparing for interviews from the start of their studies.

French Courses

Red Dragon collaborates with schools across different French locations such as Nice, Paris, and Montpellier. Yet, we highly endorse our partners in Nice due to consistently positive reviews from our students.

Our partner schools in Nice boast ample experience in language instruction and enjoys a prime location for those seeking a tranquil setting near the sparkling Mediterranean while mastering the French language.

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