The best place to learn a language is in the country it’s spoken.

When you’re surrounded by people speaking the language, you can’t help learning! Red Dragon Consultancy offers a wide range of courses, from language courses to highly specialized courses for executives, and more.


Explore Our Range of Educational Services

If you cannot find the kind of course that you would like to follow on our website, please contact us with your requirements because we can almost certainly find a suitable programme of study for you.

Language Courses

Improve your language skills with specialist language courses in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and more!

Executive Courses

Enhance leadership skills with specialized executive courses

Language Activities Combinations

Combine language learning with fun and engaging activities


Our Story

Red Dragon Consultancy provides diverse educational courses catering to a wide range of learners.

About Red Dragon (RDLC)

RDLC provides unbiased information and advice about the schools and the courses on offer. We can give you our views on the advantages of one school over another.

In fact, we can give you advice on everything related to language travel, from how to get to the school to what clothes to take. We are in close contact with the different schools and can act on your behalf to ensure that your course meets your needs. If you would like a personal face-to-face consultation, it may be possible to arrange an interview with a representative of RDLC (depending upon where you are in the world!) to discuss exactly what you are looking for in a language course.

We will be able to talk you through the different options available (and the relative merits of each), as well as give you reports from people who have studied at a given school and show you photos of the schools, accommodation and locations in question.

Whether you need a course in your own area or would like to arrange a full-immersion programme in another country, RDLC can help you.



Unique Value Proposition

Customised Learning

Tailored educational programs to meet each learner’s individual needs.

Experienced Staff

Expert teachers with extensive industry knowledge and teaching experience.

Convenient Location

Located just 2 hours from London, Bournemouth is a sunny seaside town!

Wide Range of Courses

From standard language programs to specialized executive courses, we offer diverse learning options.

Accredited Schools

Our partner schools are accredited by world-renowned accreditation bodies.

Quality Education

Committed to providing high-quality education that meets industry standards.

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