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Spanish Courses

Red Dragon has partner schools in:
* Madrid.
* San Sebastian.
* Malaga.
* Granada.
* Valencia.
* Barcelona.
* Salamanca.
* Alcala de Henares.
* Quito, Ecuador.
* Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* Santiago, Chile.
* Cuernavaca, Mexico.

What our students say:
Q. Are you happy with your course?  Why?
A. Yes, because I could learn Spanish happily with nice teachers.
Q. Do you like this town / city?  Why?
A. Yes, I do.  But sometimes bit noisy by the traffic, but also there are so many things to see and places to go.
Q. Would you recommend the school to your friends?  Why?
A. Yes, I would definitely, because I want to go back there to study again.
Q. Was the information that RDLC gave you about your studies accurate and helpful?
A. Yes, it was really accurate and helpful.
The school was excellent.  The course was excellent.  The Service of RDLC was excellent.  Thank you very much David.
Satoshi Furukawa, Japanese, studied Spanish in Barcelona, Spain.

Of course, the methodology is different, but the beauty is that you can learn at your own pace and at home.  All you really need is a decent (and relatively fast) connection to the internet.

For more information on the options available, please contact us.

In the UK:
on telephone (07966) 578999 or by email davidjones@etc-inter.net

Outside the UK:
on telephone + 44 7966 578999 or by email davidjones@etc-inter.net