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French in Nice

French in Nice

Registration Fee
Payable once only: 50 Euros.

Continuous French (20 lessons per week, 09.00 hrs until 12.20 hrs, Monday to Friday)
1 week = 250 Euros.
2 weeks = 405 Euros.
3 weeks = 560 Euros.
4 weeks = 690 Euros.
5 - 12 weeks = 165 Euros per week.

Intensive French (30 lessons per week, 09.00 hrs until 12.20 plus three afternoons 13.15 hrs until 15.45 hrs, Monday to Friday)
1 week = 325 Euros.
2 weeks = 545 Euros.
3 weeks = 755 Euros.
4 weeks = 930 Euros.
5 - 12 weeks = 220 Euros per week.

Combination Courses (20 General + 5 Individual lessons per week)
1 week = 430 Euros.
2 weeks = 705 Euros.
3 weeks = 1010 Euros.
4 weeks = 1280 Euros.
5 - 12 weeks = 310 Euros per week.

Combination Course (20 General + 10 Individual lessons per week)
1 week = 560 Euros.
2 weeks = 940 Euros.
3 weeks = 1345 Euros.
4 weeks = 1710 Euros.
5 - 12 weeks = 415 Euros per week.

Individual Courses (every Monday, 1 lesson = 45 minutes)
1 lesson = 55 Euros. Express French 2 weeks = 780 Euros.

A Level Refresher Course
2 weeks = 580 Euros.

Cours D.E.L.F. (Diplome d'Etudes en Langue Francais)
8 weeks = 1900 Euros (including exam fees).
12 weeks = 2850 Euros (including exam fees).

All fees are shown without VAT (VAT is not applicable on these services, following law no. 93-1353 of 30th December, 1993).

Fees include:
Placement Test.
End of course Certificate.
Learning material / student's book.
Academic and administrative support.

Fees do not include accommodation and special sporting activities (please see below).

Maximum class size = 10 students.  Average class size = 8 students.

Courses all give a solid foundation in French grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  Courses also give students the opportunity to practise and consolidate their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Accommodation Options:

French host (cost per day, no catering):
Single room = 19 Euros.
Twin room = 17 Euros per person.
This kind of accommodation is independent but nevertheless convivial.  You share a flat with a French person and cater for yourself.  Facilities are shared, including the kitchen and bathroom.  Bed linen is supplied but you have to bring towels.  Flats are located 30 minutes from the school by bus.

Host Family (cost per day, half-board):
Single room = 28 Euros.
Twin room = 26 Euros.
This kind of accommodation offers students the opportunity to live with a typical French family and to practise speaking French with them.  All of the host families and their houses are inspected by our partner school and continuously monitored to make sure that they provide a clean, comfortable and enjoyable living situation.  Some families may be located about 20 minutes from the school by bus.  The family supplies bed, breakfast and an evening meal.  Bed linen and towels are also supplied.

Bed-sit and hotel accommodation may be available: please contact us for the latest prices.  (There are several hotels around the school in Nice, as the school is very centrally-located).

Your accommodation is booked for the Sunday preceding the start of your course until the Saturday of your departure, although extensions can sometimes be arranged.

Transportation in Nice is very easy as the airport is very close and there are very efficient road and rail networks.  In case of host family accommodation, your family offers a free pick-up service, as long as you arrive between 08.00 hrs and 22.00 hrs.  For other accommodation types, you may choose to take a taxi to your accommodation (eg. a 20-minute taxi ride will cost approximately 23 Euros.  The airport bus costs 4 Euros and arrives at the town centre in less than 40 minutes.  When arriving at the railway station, you will already be in the town centre and will be able to get to your accommodation by taxi (approximately 10 Euros) or bus (approximately 2 Euros) in less than 10 minutes.

You should receive detailed information about local transport with your booking confirmation package.

Regardless of the accommodation type, we will require your arrival details (arrival time and place, flight or train number, etc) at least 3 days before your arrival date in Nice.


2 weeks = 350 Euros.
Fees include insurance and the loan of equipment.

Scuba Diving
2 weeks = 350 Euros.
Fees include insurance and the loan of equipment.