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TOEIC course

TOEIC exam   TOEIC Exam Preparation Courses (28 lessons = 21 hours per week)

Please note that 20 lessons per week are in General English. 
8 lessons per week are in a concentrated TOEIC exam preparation class. 

The TOEIC test shows the capacity of non-native speakers of English to communicate in the international workplace.  The test questions are based on samples of English language taken from everyday situations, such as meetings, reports, phone calls, travel, banking, etc.

The TOEIC test is suitable for use in all lines of business and measures the language competence of candidates, whatever their level or function.  The TOEIC test gives reliable scores again and again.

With more than 1.7 million TOEIC candidates in the world every year, TOEIC test results are becoming one of the most internationally-recognised of all exams or certificates.

At our partner school, because it is an official TOEIC testing centre, we are able to arrange a TOEIC test as and when needed.  On average, we run one TOEIC test every month.

Another excellent feature of the TOEIC test is that the results are normally generated and returned to the school within about 10 days, so if you take the TOEIC test at our partner school, you should get your score very quickly.

Who uses the TOEIC test?

Companies and individuals use the TOEIC test to certify that the candidate has a certain level of English.

Individuals use the TOEIC test after working in an English-speaking country, before going for a job interview, or after a language course, whereas for companies, the TOEIC test is a useful management tool that is designed to facilitate decision-making in recruitment, selection of new staff, promotion, defining goals in training and development, awarding bonuses for linguistic competence, etc.

The TOEIC test is a common standard of measurement to assist in the harmonization of language policies throughout multinational firms.

Several hundred universities, technical colleges, engineering and management schools - as well as many quality language training organisations in France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and other European countries - have also chosen to use the TOEIC test to certify the English proficiency of their students.


All TOEIC candidates receive an official record of their scores: either a Certificate of Achievement or a simple Score Report.  Two distinct scores are provided, one for the listening comprehension section and one for the reading comprehension section.  This distinction allows accurate information to be given about the real abilities of the candidates.  The total test score will be between 10 and 990 points.

The levels table sent with the TOEIC test results enables candidates to situate themselves on an internationally-recognised scale and gives examples of tasks that can be performed at each level.

Our partner school's TOEIC test preparation course

At our partner school, there are systems for ensuring that students receive personalized attention.  Our partners aim to provide the kind of linguistic training and support that they need in order to make rapid progress and quickly attain a good degree of fluency and accuracy in English.  Students will study in small, multinational classes (the maximum number of students is 14, although the average number is 10) along with students of a similar age and language ability.

For more information, please contact David Jones on 07966 578999.  (Or + 44 7966 578999 if you are outside the UK).