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English Dates and Fees

Dates and Fees 

Please refer to the Enrolment Form for our full terms and conditions.  Course descriptions are available for each course.  Fees do not include external exam fees.  All fees shown were correct at the time of going to press, although our UK partner school reserves the right to make changes to courses, dates and fees.  Fees are updated every year in January.

Enrolment fee:
£100 (payable once only).

Included in every course are the following:
- A student identity card, map of Bournemouth and Student Welcome Pack.
- A course certificate for each course completed successfully (students must attend at least 80% of their lessons to receive a certificate.  Students must have completed at least 2 full weeks at a particular level to receive a certificate at that level).
- A final report, if requested.  Levels are mapped using the Common European Framework.
- Academic counselling, welfare, general counselling and administration services.
- WiFi internet access throughout the whole college.
- Access to the school's self-study facilities.

General English Courses

Standard course (20 lessons = 15 hours per week)

1 - 23 weeks    £150 per week.
24 weeks plus  £140 per week.

Intensive course (24 lessons = 18 hours per week)
1 - 23 weeks    £170 per week.
24 weeks plus  £160 per week.



Super Intesive Course (28 lessons = 21 hours per week)

1 - 23 weeks    £ 190 per week.

24 weeks plus  £ 180 per week.


Please note that students following a Standard General English course (ie. 20 lessons per week) may have morning or afternoon lessons.  Classes are normally run in the mornings from 09.00 hrs to 12.30 hrs, but we cannot guarantee this timetable.

Course dates:
Please note that one level normally runs for 12 weeks.  Beginners must start on these start dates.

Examination Courses - fees shown do not include external exam fees 

Course name / No. of weeks

12 weeks 

Cambridge First Certificate
Exam Preparation Course
(Standard – 20 lessons per week)




Cambridge Advanced
Exam Preparation Course
(Standard – 20 lessons per week)





IELTS Exam Preparation Course
(Standard – 20 lessons per week)




Minimum course duration: 12 weeks.  Please contact RDLC for course dates and approximate exam dates before booking your return flights or holidays after your course because some exams may take place after the end of the exam preparation course.  Please note that Cambridge exam courses that start in December may include 2 weeks’ Christmas holiday: our partner school will be closed during those 2 weeks.

Cambridge First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced exam preparation course dates:

University Foundation Programme (Business) – fees shown do not include exam fees 

Course name / No. of weeks

24 weeks 

University Foundation Programme (Business) – 24 week programme



Business Courses 

Course name / No. of weeks

12 weeks
Certificate Course

24 weeks
Higher Certificate

36 weeks

Business English
(Standard – 20 lessons per week)




Business and English Studies
Professional Certificate Course
(Intensive – 28 lessons per week)




Business Studies
Professional Higher Certificate Course
(Standard – 20 lessons per week)

Not available


Not available

Business Studies
Professional Higher Certificate Course
(Intensive – 28 lessons per week)

Not available


Not available

Each lesson is 45 minutes long and costs £40.  Clients may take any number of 1:1 lessons, but we recommend a minimum of 10 lessons for a good introduction to each of the applications shown.  These lessons are offered in the afternoons so that they can be combined with morning English language classes.  Students who require a student visa must complete at least 15 hours of study per week (ie. 20 lessons per week).

One-to-one Courses

Course name / No. of weeks

1 week

One-to-one course
10 lessons per week


One-to-one course
20 lessons per week



Students may start one-to-one courses on any Monday throughout the year (except for Bank Holidays).  One-to-one tuition may be the best way for students with limited time to study, especially if they require specialised training or if they would like to follow a flexible, personalized timetable.  Each lesson is 45 minutes long and costs £40.  Clients may take any number of 1:1 lessons.  Students who require a student visa must complete at least 15 hours of study per week (ie. 20 lessons per week).

Exam Fees

Sports and Social Activities Programme
The school staff are always on hand to help you to organize social and sporting activities – in and outside the college.  There are regular social activities in the evenings and at weekends, including free film shows, international parties, cultural lectures and sports matches.  Some of the events that are organized are provided free of charge, others you will have to pay for.  Here is a sample list of some of the activities that they organise, together with the fees payable:
Bowling: £6 per game.
Swimming: £5 per session.
Ice-skating: £5 per session.
Qasar (laser game): £7 per session.
Paintballing: £25 per session (includes transport to the venue).

You will find that the school often arranges half-day and full-day trips (usually at weekends) to places of cultural interest.  Visits to London, Windsor, Salisbury and Stonehenge, Bath and the Isle of Wight are very popular with students.  The social programme helps you to get to know students and members of staff, gives you the chance to practise and consolidate your English and opens the door to British culture and entertainment.
Typical cost per full-day excursion: £38.
Typical cost per half-day excursion: £26.

Course fees do not include insurance.  Students are strongly advised to arrange insurance to cover personal possessions, money, passport, fee reimbursement, cancellation, personal liability, medical and personal injury.  Neither RDLC nor the school arranges insurance for students, although we strongly advise students to arrange cover for themselves.

This advice does not constitute a recommendation and students should ensure that they find an insurance provider that offers the insurance cover most appropriate to their own specific needs.

Airport Transfer
London Heathrow Airport : £110 pick up.  £210 pick up and return.
London Gatwick Airport : £120 pick up.  £230 pick up and return.
Luton Airport : £130 pick up.  £250 pick up and return.
Stansted Airport : £140 pick up.  £270 pick up and return.
Bournemouth Airport : £40 pick up.  £70 pick up and return.
Southampton Airport : £60 pick up.  £110 pick up and return.

Clients will be picked up from the airport and taken directly to their accommodation.  On return, clients will be picked up from their accommodation and taken to the departures area of the airport. 

Waiting charges: after the first hour, you will be charged £20 per hour for any delays.  This is a waiting charge to cover the cost of parking and the driver’s time.

Accommodation (subject to availability)
Single room host family accommodation (September – May): £ per week.
Single room host family accommodation (June, July and August): £ per week.

Twin room (September – May): £ per week per person.
Twin room (June, July and August): £ per week per person.
Twin rooms are only available for group bookings and pre-arranged pairs.

Executive en-suite host family accommodation: £ per week.
Executive host family accommodation includes single room accommodation with en-suite facilities, use of IT facilities and access to the internet.

All accommodation is available from Sunday to Saturday (inclusive).  Students should normally arrive to start their accommodation on a Sunday evening and depart on Sunday morning (the Saturday would be their last night of accommodation).  Alternative arrangements are sometimes possible, but students should contact the school as early as possible to arrange this and there may be an additional cost.

All students staying in accommodation arranged by the school must send us details of their expected arrival time. 

There is a £35 per week supplement during the Christmas holiday.  The school cannot always offer accommodation during the Christmas holiday, although this should be possible if it is booked in advance.  If students wish to return to their host family after Christmas and would like to leave their belongings in their host family bedroom (but not stay in it), they will still have to pay £35 to hold the room.  If students cancel their accommodation, they will have to pay a cancellation charge of £30 and give at least 7 days’ notice.

Types of host family accommodation
Single rooms are available in either “Homestay Accommodation” or “Private Home Accommodation”.

Homestay Accommodation means that hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas.  No more than four students will be accommodated in Homestay accommodation at any one time.

Private Home Accommodation is accommodation in a private home for adults.  More than four adult students may be accommodated in the home and there may be less direct contact with the host(s).  Students may be self-catering.  Private home accommodation is not suitable for under-16s.

Both of these options are half-board from Monday to Friday (ie. Bed, breakfast and evening meal) and full-board at weekends (ie. Bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meal).  Both are offered subject to availability.  Students under 18 years of age and students over 18 years of age  will not be accommodated in the same families.  In all cases, students are placed in host families as close to the school as possible.  Host families will wash at least one load of laundry per student per week.

Method of Payment
The invoice will be in Pounds Sterling.  A completed enrolment form should be sent to RDLC or to the school with full fees.  (Please note that the enrolment fee of £50 is non-refundable).  Fees are in Pounds Sterling.  You must pay all bank charges.


Online: You can also pay online by credit card using the school's secure payment facility: contact us for more details of how to do this.  Please add 2.4% for the service when you make an online payment.  There is no service charge if you pay online using your debit card.

At Reception / by telephone: If you choose to pay by credit card at the school's Finance Department or over the telephone, there is a 2.4% service charge.  Please note that all visa students will have to pay full fees in advance.

If you fail to obtain a visa to study in the UK, the school will keep the Enrolment fee of £100 but return any other fees you have paid, unless we have had to pay a third party.  If you fail to obtain a visa, you must info rm RDLC and the school in writing, return the documents that the school has issued to you and send RDLC and the school a copy of the visa refusal documents as proof.  

Christmas and New Year Holidays

Please note that no refund of fees will be made when our partner school is closed for official public (bank) holidays.