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Italian Courses

Red Dragon has partner schools in:

* San Remo.
* Siena.
* Rome.
* Orvieto.
* Florence.
* Milan.
* Lugano, Switzerland.

What our students say:
Q. Are you happy with your progress?  Why?
A. Yes, now I can make some sentences in Italian and I could know, understanding easier than speaking!
Q. Are you happy with the support that RDLC has given you?
A. Yes!!  It was very helpful.  Thanks a lot.  The service of RDLC was very good.

Ayako Shigeno, Japanese, studied Italian in Lugano, Switzerland through Red Dragon Languages Consultancy.

Italian class at our Bologna partner school
Multinational adult class at our Bologna partner school


School focus: Bologna, Italy.

Which year was the school established: 1999.

Official accreditations, memberships (eg. British Council):

C.I.L.S. examination centre (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera - Cerfificate of Italian as a Second Language).
A.L.T.O. Association of Language Travel Organisations full member.

W.Y.S.E. World Youth Student Educational and Travel Confederation full member.
EDUITALIA (Consorzio per la promozione della lingua e cultura italiana) affiliated.
Recognised by CSN in (student financial aid agency).
Recognised by Bildungsurlaub in Syllabus compliant with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

What makes the Bologna school special?
Our partner school in Bologna is a professional and friendly language school located in this charming city, offering an ideal environment for immersion in Italian language and culture.

Bologna school building  Bologna school class of 4 students
Left: the Bologna school building.  Right: a typical class group at the Bologna school.  Make friends!

Brief description of the Bologna school:

The Bologna school is a medium-sized, family-run institute located in the prestigious Santo Stefano district of the city.  It is situated less than 500metres from the historic centre and is serviced by some of the main bus routes.  The school is based in two buildings with a total of nine classrooms and three small studios (for individual classes) with a capacity of 72 students.  The two media centres house a total of thirteen personal computers, providing a free high-speed internet connection in addition to the free wi-fi access available.

The wide range of courses available at the Bologna school includes intensive, business and examination courses, catering to all levels and run year-round.  There is an excellent teacher/student ratio with a maximum class size of eight students and an average of three to five students, ensuring individual attention.   The school also guarantees the number of class hours.  The academic syllabus contains weekly student assessment and functions in such a way as to identify and efficiently deal with problems.  The school views its social and cultural program as a natural and essential complement to classroom tuition in accelerating language acquisition and enhancing cultural appreciation.  As such, it is encouraged and regularly updated by the school and presents a varied and motivating educational tool.

Piazza Maggiore in Bologna  Piazza Maggiore in Bologna by night
Piazza Maggiore in Bologna - by day and by night!

Brief description of Bologna:

As a city, Bologna offers an exciting, alternative destination for an authentic immersion in Italian language and culture.  It is home to the oldest university in the western world and has been enthusiastically embracing foreign students for almost 1000 years.  Fortunately, the city has escaped the scourge of mass tourism, hence with its exciting cultural and social landscape, Bologna provides a great opportunity to meet Italians.  It is well-connected by international and low-cost airports and additionally serves as the main rail junction in .  Whilst being a city of art in its own right it is conveniently situated near many other historical centres such as Florence, Venice, Milan, Verona, Mantua, Parma, Padua, Ravenna and Ferrara....

Top 5 nationalities in the Bologna school (with approximate percentages):
German            9%

Brazilian           8%

Spanish            7%

American          6%

Japanese          5%

Average age of students in your school: 27 years.

Nearest airport and distance from the school:

Bologna Airport (Aeroporto G. Marconi)  transit time 15 minutes.

Weekly test at the Bologna school  Lesson in the park in Bologna
Left: Weekly test at the Bologna school.  Right: Lessons in the park in Bologna!

Title of course: General Italian Intensive Course – GI20+2.

Number of lessons per week: 20 lessons / week.

Duration of one lesson (in minutes): 55 minutes.

Maximum class size: maximum 8 students (average 3-5 students).

Dates available:

Beginner courses commence on the first Monday of each month.
All other levels may begin on any Monday.

Enrolment fee: €30 (plus deposit of €200).

Course books fee: €35.

Cost of course:
2 weeks:  €330.
4 weeks:  €570.
8 weeks:  €1130.
12 weeks:  €1630.
24 weeks:  €2880.

Levels available:








Entry requirements: minimum age is 17 years.

Types of accommodation available:

Directly managed residence (Bilbo House), private apartments, hotels, bed and breakfasts or home-stay options.

Which type of accommodation do students normally use?

The directly managed self-contained apartments are the most popular.  Located in a quiet, residential neighbourhood, Bilbo House is close to the most beautiful park in the city ‘Giardini Margherita’ and within 20 metres of the nearest bus stop.  It retains a friendly atmosphere with a ‘family group’ of international students (sometimes including Italians) and offers a choice of single or twin room (only for 2 students booking together).

Accommodation enrolment fee (if applicable): €25.

Cost of accommodation:
2 weeks:  single €260 / twin €220 p.p.
4 weeks:  single €520 / twin €440 p.p.
8 weeks:  single €1040 / twin €880 p.p.
12 weeks:  single €1560 / twin €1320 p.p.
24 weeks:  single €3120 / twin €2640 p.p.

Typical distance from accommodation to school: 10 minutes' walk.

Leisure activities available locally: cinemas, theatres, museums, swimming pool, shopping centres, traditional markets, tennis courts, ice skating, bike rental, guided tours, cooking classes, wine tasting session....

Enrolment method:
Enrolment must be accompanied by a deposit of €200, which can be paid by credit card (add 3%), or bank transfer.

If a booking is cancelled:
- 60 days before the beginning of the course, all fees will be refunded less a charge of 80 Euros (admin. expenses).
- 30 days before the beginning of the course, the balance will be refunded less a charge of 140 Euros(deposit).
- between
29 and 14 days before the start of the course you will be entitled to a refund, less a charge of 195 Euros (deposit + registration and accommodation fee).
- between 13 and 7 days (in addition, the accommodation fees won’t be refundable).
If the cancellation
arrives late, entire sum will be forfeited.

Special offer:  

Bookings of 4 weeks (or multiples thereof) received before June 2009 for Course GI20 with accommodation booked at Bilbo House:
- book 4 weeks and get 1 week free.
- book 8 weeks and get 2 weeks free.
- book 12 weeks and get 3 weeks free.

Bologna school students in the garden  Dinner with friends in Bologna
Left: Students in the garden.  Right: Dinner with friends in a Bolognese restaurant.